ItaliaWOW!Vogue Bambini SS2016 “Bouquet” flash

SS2016 “Bouquet” Flash  (PittiBimbo 81: Italia Wow! Vogue Bambini)

In occasione del Pitti bimbo 81 sono stata invitata da Vogue Bambini a presentare una “capsule collection” dedicata alla bambina per la primavera estate.

Nasce così “Bouquet”, un flash estivo e romantico presentato in occasione della Fiera, in un Padiglione dove sfilavano altri brands che da sempre ammiro: CucuLab, MSGM Kids, DOUUOD, Margherita Missoni e Vivetta, per citarne alcuni.

Come da comunicato stampa:

“negli spazi della Dogana (via Valfonda) alle ore 17.00 va in scena “Italia Wow!! “Creatività, sperimentazione, eccellenza nella moda bambino Made in Italy”.

SS2016 Bouquet Flash

SS2016 Bouquet Flash

The new Spring Summer Flash Collection 2016 of Caffelatteacolazione has a taste of a soft ortensia “bouquet”. The protagonist is the original floreal print characterized by the petals of hydrangeas, iris, peonies and freesias, by the pastel shades  that blend together with the blue indigo of the branches. The viscose canneté fabric gives a touch of elegance to the Floreal Line, which is epitomized in the dress bon ton and the shorts. The matching colour is ivory and antique pink shades for gentle dresses and tops, in silk and cotton. For the day, the girls wear dresses or tops in mixed cotton and flamed linen, rendered romantic by the generous ruffles. All these garments can be worn at night, in town as well as at the seaside, with hand-knitted pure cotton sweaters, rice grain or garter stitch, in blue, ecru, cream or cyclamen.

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